Hiiii there my fwiend!!! (I'll stop, I promise) It seems that you stumbled upon my website, so let me tell ya a little bit about myself!

My name is Zack/Bartkk, I'm a developer from Poland. My hobbies mainly include digital art(mainly 3d), programming(duh) and gaming. I've been exclusively using Linux since 2019, and it was the best decision I've ever made. So expect posts about all those stuff :3

Some quick info about me

Name Zack/Bartkk
Age 18
Languages Polish - native
English - pretty good
Orientation Bisexual
* For me it's just a simplification, to keep things short, here's an post that resonates with me:
Why Label Sexualities? - varchar
Gender Male
Skills programming, 3d modelling
Likes computerz, programming, furries :3, raccoons, pierogi, dnb / breakcore, being lazy
Dislikes mean peeps, being lazy

Some dev info about me

Main languages C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, Python, TypeScript
Secondary languages GDScript, Go
Languages I've dabbled in Haskell, Ruby, Rust
Here's my button if you want to link to me,
I'd really appreciate it! :3

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