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King Tommy the Terrible
2024-06-15 15:06:22
The Furries will be executed with an A10 gun, the fist of God maybe, individuals will be spared through extreme repentence and humility
2024-03-26 06:24:49
omfgggg how the hell did you manage to get two fuckin spambots??? on a personal website at that?????? how tf did you do that?????????? magic anyway, sorry for the kinda brash and shitposty start, but fun website!! its pretty damn barren atm, but im sure with some time youll get that all sorted out and youll have a pretty clean looking, fun to parse site for others to check, ill defo be popping my head in from time to time to see how this progresses!! cheers and cya around sometime! take care of yourself!1715470874